What is the PCI?

The Plant Cell Institute is a new distributed research centre where scientists pursue revolutionary ideas. Through its unique collaborative approach, the PCI is committed to accelerating fundamental and applied research on plant cells to drive advances for a sustainable world.

Is it just another institute?

No! The smartest scientists are distributed across the globe; let's meet them where they are. Instead of building an institute, we are doing research remotely through a dedicated virtual institute.

How science is done at the PCI?

The researchers are sent to one of our world-leading partner labs to do their experiments. They have access to the knowledge and expertise of the host lab and the support of the PCI. Even though researchers are not working in the same building or country, they are part of the PCI community, which shares the same ambitious goals.

What are the benefits for...

The host labs The researchers always work on topics closely related to the host lab. We define our collaborative research as a continuous process where both the host lab and the PCI’s researcher benefit from mutual interactions. Therefore, the host labs have full access to the PCI collaborative platform and the community. They are also listed as authors on publications made by the researchers. The PCI pays the researcher’s salary, and principal investigators receive financial support for lab expenses and equipment.

The researchers Researchers are at the core centre of high-value scientific innovations. The PCI employs highly-qualified scientists that are not embracing the status quo and want to do science differently. We believe excellent research requires a supportive and inclusive community. We offer competitive funding and promote research independence. Through our programmes and mentorship, we develop a workforce of researchers engaged in the community and the decision process.

What will be the positive impact of the PCI research on society?

In 10-20 years, we think our research will have helped alleviate some of the most pressing issues related to climate change and food insecurity. Our open and reliable data on plant cells will also contribute to support research outside the PCI.

Can I give feedback on the project?

Yes! Your comments are extremely valuable. Please use this form to provide feedback.

How can I get involved?

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