Supporting early career researchers

Creating a supportive research culture

The PCI recognises that early career scientists are at the core of high-value scientific innovations, and the institute strives to help talented young researchers develop their full potential. Great research requires a supportive and inclusive culture that promotes opportunities for professional development. Through programmes and mentorship, the PCI will create a workforce of researchers engaged in the community and decision process. The PCI also acknowledges that researchers have little job security and work in competitive environments associated with increased stress levels. Mental health will be promoted through effective management of workloads and well-being programmes. The PCI is committed to ensuring that all researchers have access to a thoughtful and flexible research environment.

Recommended publication from Nature 2020: Postdoc survey reveals disenchantment with working life

The PCI's commitment to ECRs

  1. Recognise and value their contributions

  2. Create an inclusive environment

  3. Promote their career development

  4. Maximise their employment security

Why we need you?

We want to hear from you, ERCs. We want to know what works and what does not work in the current academic system. We aspire to create an environment that would unleash your full potential, and we must determine what to implement in the PCI to support you effectively.

Are you an ECR? Get in touch using this form or contact our team.

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