The power of collaboration

The Plant Cell Institute is the start of a transformation in research. The PCI is the first distributed institute where researchers work on plant cell-inspired solutions to solve today's most challenging problems across the best labs in the world. The PCI aspires to enhance the current development of the extraordinary plant research already conducted across the globe. Consequently, we are proposing to collaborate with existing labs instead of building new facilities, working remotely through a dedicated virtual institute. Data sharing technologies and communication platforms enable scientists to work virtually, and we believe distributed collaboration is the future of effective research. Through its unique coordinated approach, the PCI is committed to accelerating fundamental and applied research on plant cells.

Long-term objectives

  1. Unleash the power of collaboration by bridging the world of plant research and connecting scientific challenges

  2. Work on projects that have a significant impact on communities (Ambition 2035 scientific programme)

  3. Support early career scientists to create innovative research

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