Plant science partners

Host labs and expertise

As the PCI relies on distributed knowledge and expertise, the institute will collaborate with a network of labs that shares the same ambitious goals. We define our collaborative research as a continuous process where both the host lab and the PCI’s researcher benefit from mutual interactions. Therefore, the researchers always work on topics related to the host’s expertise, and the labs have full access to the PCI collaborative community. The authors’ contributions are also recognised in publications and through our dedicated platform. The PCI will secure funding for the researchers and the host labs.

The PCI aims to establish a network of labs to unleash the power of collaboration.

Benefits for the host labs

  1. Funding opportunities

  2. International collaboration and recognition

  3. Maximising research impact

  4. Collective shared knowledge database

  5. Hosting early career researchers

  6. Additional publications

  7. Access to materials and technologies

Why we need you?

Are you a principal investigator or a plant scientist running a lab? Join the network. The PCI is committed to work together as a community and build resources for the partners. We believe successful distributed research can be achieved by supporting a strong network of labs with diverse expertise.

Register your interest

Please fill this form if you would like to register your interest in participating in this new scientific network. We are building something extraordinary, and your support will undoubtedly contribute to the success of the project.

You have ideas or feedback on the project? Please fill this form or contact our team!

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